Amy Kulp

An American in Paris

Amy Kulp
An American in Paris

Hello readers!

This post is UNBELIEVABLY overdue, but I am so excited to look back on my week in Paris and share a little bit about my favorite spots and why Paris will always be the most magical place in the world.

Without any further ado, let's dive right in-


Day 1: Disney Paris

On the topic of magical places, I had the opportunity to visit Disney Paris, Disney's only European location! I spent the day with two of my lovely roommates, Sam and Lilli, and we had the most amazing time. A few fun things about Disney Paris: while the original concepts and themes are still apparent, Disney adapted their park to fit with European culture, including food, meal times, and even the decorations! We loved getting gelato, riding some of the unique rides (such as Indiana Jones and the European version of Thunder Mountain), and watching the incredible firework show!


Day 2: Getting Lost and Finding Unexpected Adventures

Everything about today was an adventure! Starting off the day at the Musee' D'Orsay, we had our share of art and culture right off the bat. From there, we originally were going to go see a Chateau, but Lilli and I ended up getting lost (as per usual) and made up our own adventure- exploring the streets of Paris without a map or care in the world. We met the most amazing people on our day of exploration, including a father/son business that takes couture fabric and reupholsters vintage furniture, and even a woman at an art gallery that just so happened to be visiting Lacoste and was on our train just two days prior! The day wouldn't be complete without visiting Merci, a concept store with just about everything you could find where the proceeds go back to charity. I personally loved getting the chance to see Paris on a whim, and had an incredible time exploring with such a fun travel buddy. That night, we went to the Eiffel Tower, popped a bottle of champagne, and watched the sky light up once it hit midnight. Truly an unforgettable sight.


Day 3: Living Out a Cliché

The third day in Paris was filled with all the Parisian cliches I could have ever dreamed of. The day started out by visiting the Champs Elysees, the elite shopping center in the middle of Paris. The strip of shops was absolutely breathtaking, with flagship locations of all the top designers in the world at your fingertips! I stopped into several stores, including Louis Vuitton's 4 story flagship (where I grabbed a beautiful blush patent coin purse), Chanel, Laduree (home of the most delectable macarons in the world), and Longchamp! After I had gotten all my shopping out of my system, we went to the Louvre as a group, where I spent most of the time exploring the European Antiquities section. The Louvre is absolutely gigantic, so I had to strategize where to spend my time. This section recreates famous rooms in European royalty, and was simply stunning. From there, I went off on a solo date to the Paris Opera House and watched a ballet! With box seats, a glass of rosé, and my rush ticket, it was easily the most memorable night of the trip.


Day 4: More Solo Exploration

A lot of my experience in France in general was becoming comfortable with being my own travel buddy, and today was no exception. Starting the day at the Photography Exposition of Paris, I got to explore Parisian photography and media to the fullest, which was definitely a culture shock to say the least. After this point I went off to explore more of the fashion houses of Paris, including Dior, Alexander McQueen, the Chanel Flagship store, and even the Christian Louboutin flagship, which required waiting in line to get into! I even stopped by the Ralph Lauren flagship location in preparation for my upcoming internship.


Day 5: Feeling Like Royalty

Our last day in Paris was spent going to the Palace of Versailles, which was nothing short of a fairy tale experience. From the moment we stepped onto the grounds, we all felt like we had been transported to a magical land. We started at the gardens, then moved into the palace itself, and finally ended in Marie Antoinette's special home. Every inch of the palace grounds was full of detail and purpose, and we left feeling so inspired. Once we got back to reality, I did one last loop around the block, including getting one last meal at my favorite little cafe, Cafe Le Quartier General.


No matter where I go in life, my heart will forever stay in Paris. The city of love truly lived up to it's name, and I can't wait to go back and find more hidden treasures!

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